Adler Fels 2010 Gewurztraminer-A Pleasure Find

Well, I got off the path a bit with following my desire to find the perfect Red Wine Blend and good not resist writing about this California Gewurztraminer. To look at it, at least my thoughts were, this is a German Wine.
To my surprise, when I decided to read the label, I find it is from California.

I have not had such great luck with a California Gewurztraminer or even a Rieslings lately since my taste seems to be more on the sweet, late harvest.style. I have better tastings with German Rieslings etc. This Gewurztraminer was a pleasant surprise. It does not taste like the Riesling that I have grown to love, it is a bit more bitter. Kind of taste like the smell of a grapefruit peel. Refreshing, balanced and not at all dry. Would make a great gift. A real different flavor than I have had in a while.

Label description: "Our Santa Barbara County Gewurztraminer exhibits lovely Floral Aromas of rose petal and exotic fruit notes of lychee and pineapple. On the palate, zesty tangerine and grapefruit Flavors are layered with hints of lemon zest."

Visit their web site @ AdlerFelWines.com for more about this company and their wines!


My Current Red Wine Compitition

I am currently in the middle of a red wine blend personal competition. I am always trying new wines and sometimes want to give wine as a gift.

I decided, after trying several red wine blends, to decide, which one is really my favorite. So here you go so far....

Third Wheel beat 7 Daughters
14 hands Beat Kitchen Sink
Third Wheel Beat Kitchen Sink

Lyeth Meritage Beat Apothic Red
Lyeth Meritage Beat Toasted Head

So now, I need to pair Lyeth Meritage with Third Wheel or continue with others and pair the winners when I feel I have some red wine blends that stand the test of "Who is the Winner of the Red Wine Blends"! To be continued for sure...


The Vineyards Neighborhood That I Just Had To Share

As a Remax Real Estate Agent, I travel through many neighborhoods and just had to share this community of The Vineyards to my Wine Loving Friends!

After Visiting this great community and its great street names, I simply had to show it off for fun!

The Vineyards

If Interested, Visit Homes Currently For Sale In The Vineyards

Streets in the neighborhood Include:

Bourdeaux Blvd.
Napa Valley
Burgundy Drive
Champagne Ct.
Chablis Court
Chardonay Ct.
Cabernet Ct.


Fritz Zimmer Riesling Spatlese Comparison Tasting

So many times I see these wines together and can never remember which one I prefer, so this time I was determined to find out, so I can only select one from now on. Well, they both tasted great and so much alike. If I had to choose, maybe it is my preference to Red, but I would buy the Bernkasteler Kurfurstlay!

I found the Bernkasteler Kurfustlay a bit smoother and possibly due to its tasting just a tad sweeter. If I were not comparing though, I would probably like the Piesporter Goldtropfchen as well. It has only a little more of a citrus bite to it.



HANDS-Cabernet Sauvignon 2008-A Fine Delight

I recently shopped at the local Total Wine in my area and worked with a woman that worked there to help me discover new and interesting wines.
I began with Rieslings and her suggestions were a little disappointing. To dry for my taste. So when I was ready to open this South African Red wine, that she suggested, I was a bit apprehensive since her taste and mine did not quite meet in the middle.

I was pleasantly surprised! I really like this wine. Well Balanced, Enjoyable from the first drink to the next day of two. No need to air this wine at all. It comes with a screw top, but that is not so bad if you are traveling and want to pick up a wine, with no cork!
I highly recommend this wine and it was definitely under $15.00, I am almost sure of it, since I really do not find it necessary to spend more, at least at this stage in my wine tasting!!!

Part Of Their Bottle Description


And The Winner Is....

O.K. I had tried both of these Rieslings before and really wanted to know which one I liked best. Not so easy to remember unless you do a taste test. Well here you go!!!

The winner is, in my opinion, the Washington State Riesling "Chateau Ste. Michelle".

I found, in comparison, the California Riesling was a bit watered down. Still a very good wine, but if I were to buy 1 bottle, I would choose the Washington State wine...

The Fetzer Wine is described as a medium-sweet, rich and floral, pale yellow with aromas of pear and apricot.

The Chateau Ste Michelle-Harvest Select Riesling (Colombia Valley 2009) wine was purchased at the fancy "Walmart" grocery store for only $13.97. Desribed as a rich, sweeter style with juicy "dribble down your chin" flavors of peach and apricot!

I must really like pear and apricot....

Be sure to enjoy!!!


Kinda Liking The Wine Of Liebfraumilch Rheinhessen...

I am feeling a bit guilty. I just finished my first Rheinhessen ( Rine-hehs-uhn) and I actually enjoyed it until I read that is was the average / house / table-kind of wine, from that region of German varieties. Maybe this wine is an exception because I would have never guessed.

You know, sometimes you do not want a complex wine. Sometimes you want something smooth, balanced that takes the summer into fall. I found the above to be just that. Yea, Yea, I know. Once I discover the Macy's of wines, I am sure to turn my back on this wine, but for now, it was wonderfully refreshing. Enjoy!


Torrontes Wine Is Now My New Cooking Wine...

I had never tried a Torrontes (pronounced: Tore-ahn-TAYZ)style wine before. A suggestion by a wine sales person at Total Wine, said it was a wonderful wine. I explained how I need to stay away from Chardonnay/dry style wines, she explained that this would suit my needs. Well barely!

I admit, it certainly is not a Chardonnay but unfortunately, has now become my cooking wine until it is gone.

The label on the back states that it is has lovable fruit flavors. Yes, a bit, but the word dry should be closer to the top description, than the way it is placed in the 2nd to last paragraph .."with the dry, crisp taste of Sauvignon Blanc.."

Oh well, live and learn. This could be someone elses favorite wine, but not for me. I like a sweeter wine than this. Maybe I should just stick to my reds!


I Even Like This California Riesling

I have had a bit of bad luck with a Riesling from California, that suits my taste. This coming from a red wine drinker.

This summer was a first, I experimented and learned about cool sweet white wines, very desirable for this summer heat we experience here in GA.

Unfortunately or not, I do not like Chardonnays'. To dry. Have not ever found one that I can appreciate. I think, being a past pasty chef myself, I must have a sweet tooth that spicy German / French Rieslings will do.

"That being said", I happen to like this Riesling California Wine that I discovered early this year and actually bought again to be sure it still measured up again after all that I have discover with the Kabinnets and Auslese's from Germany.

This Fetzer Riesling from California is a great company wine that not to many white wine, or red wine drinkers, would have a problem with. It seems to be a balanced, non disagreeable taste winning Winery of the Year for the last 9 years. This bottle happens to be a 2008 bottle and like I said, it was memorable enough to buy it twice and cost, at your local grocery store, about $9.00 a bottle.