Torrontes Wine Is Now My New Cooking Wine...

I had never tried a Torrontes (pronounced: Tore-ahn-TAYZ)style wine before. A suggestion by a wine sales person at Total Wine, said it was a wonderful wine. I explained how I need to stay away from Chardonnay/dry style wines, she explained that this would suit my needs. Well barely!

I admit, it certainly is not a Chardonnay but unfortunately, has now become my cooking wine until it is gone.

The label on the back states that it is has lovable fruit flavors. Yes, a bit, but the word dry should be closer to the top description, than the way it is placed in the 2nd to last paragraph .."with the dry, crisp taste of Sauvignon Blanc.."

Oh well, live and learn. This could be someone elses favorite wine, but not for me. I like a sweeter wine than this. Maybe I should just stick to my reds!