Adler Fels 2010 Gewurztraminer-A Pleasure Find

Well, I got off the path a bit with following my desire to find the perfect Red Wine Blend and good not resist writing about this California Gewurztraminer. To look at it, at least my thoughts were, this is a German Wine.
To my surprise, when I decided to read the label, I find it is from California.

I have not had such great luck with a California Gewurztraminer or even a Rieslings lately since my taste seems to be more on the sweet, late harvest.style. I have better tastings with German Rieslings etc. This Gewurztraminer was a pleasant surprise. It does not taste like the Riesling that I have grown to love, it is a bit more bitter. Kind of taste like the smell of a grapefruit peel. Refreshing, balanced and not at all dry. Would make a great gift. A real different flavor than I have had in a while.

Label description: "Our Santa Barbara County Gewurztraminer exhibits lovely Floral Aromas of rose petal and exotic fruit notes of lychee and pineapple. On the palate, zesty tangerine and grapefruit Flavors are layered with hints of lemon zest."

Visit their web site @ AdlerFelWines.com for more about this company and their wines!