I Even Like This California Riesling

I have had a bit of bad luck with a Riesling from California, that suits my taste. This coming from a red wine drinker.

This summer was a first, I experimented and learned about cool sweet white wines, very desirable for this summer heat we experience here in GA.

Unfortunately or not, I do not like Chardonnays'. To dry. Have not ever found one that I can appreciate. I think, being a past pasty chef myself, I must have a sweet tooth that spicy German / French Rieslings will do.

"That being said", I happen to like this Riesling California Wine that I discovered early this year and actually bought again to be sure it still measured up again after all that I have discover with the Kabinnets and Auslese's from Germany.

This Fetzer Riesling from California is a great company wine that not to many white wine, or red wine drinkers, would have a problem with. It seems to be a balanced, non disagreeable taste winning Winery of the Year for the last 9 years. This bottle happens to be a 2008 bottle and like I said, it was memorable enough to buy it twice and cost, at your local grocery store, about $9.00 a bottle.