BOGLE Vineyard PHANTOM Red Wine Blend-Pretty Good....

A review on a bottle of Wine:

Phantom: A Blend of Petite Sirah, Old Vine Zinfandel & Old Vine Mourvedre

A Proprietary Red Wind California~V.2006

Bogle Vineyards

Web Site: BOGLE Vineyard Web Site

Described on the bottle as "Mysterious and Hauntingly Seductive".

Well I do not know if I would go that far, but for the money, this is a great wine. It may even become my new "House Wine" although for some reason, I do not think so.

My house wine happens to be "Kitchen Sink Red" which I find to be a very smooth, non-aggressive wine that seems to suit all taste, this wine has a bit of a barrel/oaky taste, which I do not mind, but makes it a bit heavy.

Moving into Summer, I think this may make a better cool weather friend. I Like this wine a lot.. I do think I found this at the local Kroger Grocery Store, when I decided to browse the isles, not my local wine market.

Vinted and bottled by Bogle Vineyards-Clarksburg California Alc. 14.5%.