Great Red Wines Lately ?

In the old days, I attended a great Culinary School located in Hyde Park New York. It was called the C.I.A. (Culinary Institute Of America ).

There I learned a bit more about my youthful passion of cooking and discovered the Wine Society.

It is true what the movie, ..... says, Wine does have a life and drinking wine and really tasting it, is somewhat of an art form. Not a snobbish event, but instead a chance to slow down and think about how YOU feel about the wine. The taste, the smell, (even if it smells like an old sock or freshly cut grass.) That is what is smells like to YOU.

I have recently discovered the Total Wine Stores, where I feel, and am thrilled to find, they are very informative and help me through the Journey to discover new wines from all over the world and get out of my California, Washington State phase.

The first wine that I will be speaking of is a wine from France. I do beleive I have tried this once before and remembered to purchase again. This is a very smooth wine. No real bite or youthful taste. Very agreeable to anyone that enjoys a red wine and/or Merlot.

Visit Luc Pirlet Vineyard Of France Web Site

Above is a link to the Vineyards Web Site. Enjoy the site and hopefully a bottle of Luc Pirlet's Vineyard wonderful and affordable wine!